Bar Standards Board Conditional Fee Agreement

2. Duty of Legal Counsel to Act ConscientiouslyCounsel agrees to act in accordance with Article 8 of the (new) General Conditions of the Council of the Order for the Provision of Legal Services by Lawyers to Authorized Persons 2012, which states: «8.1 The Lawyer shall exercise reasonable jurisdiction and care in the provision of the Services. or agree to bear costs against third parties. »; 17. Severance PayIf any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, in whole or in part, for any reason, any provision of this Agreement only to the extent that it is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, and the remainder of this Agreement and the remainder of that provision shall remain in full force and effect; without being affected by such compensation. 3. Inappropriate InstructionsThe Board is not required to accept inappropriate instructions:(1) to appear at any hearing where such instructions would be disproportionate to the nature of the hearing and if it would be reasonable for counsel to conclude that counsel`s fees would not be eligible in the assessment; or (b) that the lawyer instructs a lawyer with less experience and seniority (although such lawyer will do his best to ensure that an appropriate lawyer acts for the client under the same conditions as this Agreement) ;(2) draft or advise documents where a lawyer of similar seniority would not normally be required to do so; if it is not committed on the basis of a conditional fee;(3) outside the scope of this Agreement. 9. 16.

If the opposing party proposes to pay the Client`s attorney`s fees or makes an offer in an amount that includes the payment of the Lawyer`s normal fees at an amount less than the amount due under this Agreement, the Lawyer shall calculate:(1) Calculate the proposed reductions in proportion to the normal and conditional fees of the Lawyer and the Lawyer; and (2) notify the Advisor of the Offer and the calculations in support of the proposed pro-rated reductions referred to in paragraph (a) above and (3) not accept the Offer without the Express Consent of the Advisor. If such an agreement is reached on the fees eligible for reimbursement by the opponent, the defence lawyer`s fees may be limited to the agreed amount (unless the court decides otherwise). (3) Provided that the initial instructions state that (1) above is not applicable, or if the attorney informs the attorney in one word within 7 days of receipt of the signed conditional fee agreement that the terms of the same are not acceptable (in circumstances where the attorney has not expressly agreed to it), then a contract on these terms and conditions will only be binding on the parties if: if the lawyer signs the abridged agreement. 1. Binding nature of the agreement2. Duty of counsel to act conscientiously.3 Inappropriate instructions4. Duties of the lawyer5. Termination by a lawyer6. Termination by The Solicitor7. Automatic termination8. Advice take silk9. Errors and compensation of costs10.

In case of termination of the contract by a lawyer, by a lawyer and automatic termination11. Challenge to the Success Board.12 Return to work.13 Cost estimate14. Interest15. Dispute of normal or success fees16. Fee Agreement17. Severance pay.18 Competent court19. Trust20. Intellectual property rights21. Money laundering 10.2 Termination by the lawyerIf the lawyer terminates the contract in accordance with paragraph 6, the lawyer has the right to choose between «option A» and «option B». 12. Return from workIf the lawyer is required, in accordance with the Code of Conduct of the Bar Association, to return a brief or instruction to another lawyer in this case, then:(1) the lawyer will do his or her best to ensure that an appropriate lawyer agrees to act on behalf of the client under the same conditions as this Agreement;(2) If the lawyer is unable to: To find a suitable replacement lawyer to act for the client under the same conditions as the following: This contract lawyer is not responsible for any additional costs incurred by the lawyer or client. (3) If the matter is successfully completed, the lawyer`s fees for the work performed are due and payable on the basis of the contingency fees contained in this Agreement, whether or not the substitute counsel acts on the basis of contingency fees; but (4) If the lawyer or client refuses any advice from the substitute lawyer of the type described in subsection 4 (8), the lawyer shall immediately inform the lawyer who has the right to terminate this contract in accordance with subsection 5 (3).

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